I am Dr. Raluca Hera, founder and CEO of the Hera Medical brands. I am a gynecology doctor with a PhD in molecular research and I am specialized in the innovative and revolutionizing field of Genital Age Management and Genital Aesthetics, practicing in my medical clinics in Romania and Switzerland.

My lifelong passion is studying innovative methods that reduce inflammation and hypersensitivity and induce body balance on a molecular basis.

I myself have a very sensitive skin and when I was in my 30’s I decided to take action and change my lifestyle, my daily diet habits and also to improve my skincare regime with natural very high-quality products.

My personal experience and my medical expertise inspired me in translating science from my clinical research and practice into the field of skincare and, in 2013, I founded my own skincare brand, formulated with all-natural ingredients, showing potent anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating benefits.

My goal was to create, with a holistic approach, highly effective products with visible effects, that provide deep hydration and nutrition to the skin and a youthful glow, making people feel great from the outside in and the inside out. Also, to educate customers about the need of a disciplined skincare routine, in order to preserve a healthy and youthful skin.

I carefully formulated my products with synergistic combinations of therapeutic grades of the highest quality ingredients. And the packaging is recyclable and preserves the bioenergy through protection from light based on the concept “Light for physical health”.

I created three exclusive cosmeceutical skincare ranges, all chemical free, pure concentrated, high performance formulations.

HERA MEDICAL by Dr. Raluca Hera is an everyday unisex skincare range, for all ages, formulated with the purest botanical extracts and potent bioactive anti-aging ingredients.

SUI GENERIS is a skincare range for women and men and represents luxury high performance highly active skincare products and spa treatments, with the possibility of a small batch approach.

S M A C H is a skincare range especially formulated for male skin and offers luxury skincare solutions for men. Gentle, yet effective, with great results.

I designed a world of creation and senses, handmade with love, passion, high quality, and intelligence, to ensure your wellbeing every day.

Dr. Raluca Hera

Sign RH

Founder and CEO – Hera medical cosmetics BIO

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