Raluca Hera, Founder

  • My philosophy: Holistic Beauty. A world of creation and senses, handmade with love, passion, quality and intelligence, to ensure your indulgence and your happiness every day.
  • My focus: Anti aging skin care achieved through combining most advanced science with the purest ingredients nature can offer.
  • For women and men of all ages and skin types: I use specific anti-aging ingredients for every age group. Based on the multiple skin benefits of pure essential oils, my products are specifically targeting each major skin type.
  • Products and spa treatments that are natural, luxuriant and effective.

Founded in 2013, Hera Medical Cosmetice BIO is considered one of the purest skincare ranges in the world. It offers an extensive range of cosmeceutical natural and organic skincare products that work holistically for your skin and overall wellbeing, by harnessing the natural beauty power of organic plants for maximum therapeutic benefit. My medical background and lifelong passion for anti-aging research are the foundation to my dedication to reveal the secrets of wellbeing at any age, a youthful look, and a natural and healthy aging. My products deliver powerful efficacious benefits with visible results combining most advanced science with the purest ingredients nature can offer.

In the manufacturing process, I do not use synthetic perfumes, dyes, fillers, parabens, petrochemical or synthetic substances, sulfates, silicones or GMO’s. All products can be safely used during pregnancy and lactation. Products are not tested on animals. Packaging is recyclable biophotonics violet glass that preserves the bio-energy through protection from light based on the concept „Light for physical health”.

Hera Medical Cosmetice BIO products contain ingredients of exclusively botanical origin, and have therefore multiple and powerful antioxidant and nourishing benefits:

  • they contribute to cellular repair, growth and protection
  • they slow down the cellular aging process
  • they improve elasticity and circulation in the skin
  • they stimulate cell regeneration
  • they improve moisture level and environmental protection of the skin
  • they reverse the oxidative damage process (antioxidant effect)
  • they remove toxins
  • they hydrate, nourish, tone, and diminish wrinkles
  • they help in the healing process of acne and other skin problems

Plants are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, aminoacids, minerals, bioflavonoids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, hormones, natural and essential oils. All these elements have different functions and benefits for our cells, and are very important for a healthy skin and body. My products are carefully formulated with synergistic combinations of therapeutic grades of the highest quality ingredients.

What to expect from my 100 % natural products :

  • They are not white, because plants are colored.
  • They do not contain dyes or perfumes, therefore they have a natural smell of essential oils, sometimes quite strong.
  • Some of the products need to be stirred or shaken before application, because they do not contain petrochemical substances or other filler agents.
  • They do not always have the same color or consistency, because of the different characteristics of the plants in each season’s harvest.
  • They contain scientifically proved therapeutic grade concentrations of each ingredient.
  • They have multiple benefits, including that of aromatherapy.
  • They contain the most refined ingredients nature can offer.
  • They do not contain animal derivatives and are not tested on animals.
  • The ingredients list is permanently updated according to the newest scientific developments.

A healthy, radiant, youthful skin and an overall wellbeing – these are the values on which Hera Medical Cosmetice BIO products are based.

Dr Raluca Hera, MD PhD


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